So this was dinner tonight, creamy avocado pasta from OhSheGlows.com. I made it with only one clove of garlic, because I was concerned about it being overpowering, and then I used lemon juice instead of a lemon, and no zest… mostly because I didn’t have a lemon. It’s a pretty easy meal to make – just as long as it takes the pasta to boil – and it’s pretty healthy. It’s also vegan, but you could easily add shrimp or chicken to make it a little heartier. If I were to add shrimp or chicken, I’d probably saute them in olive oil with some basil and garlic, then add them when mixing the pasta with sauce.

I keep pretty much all the ingredients on hand except the avocado, so it’s pretty easy to make if one of us is out and can pick one up from the store on the way home.

Definitely recommend making this if you love avocado. It isn’t the prettiest dish, but it is tasty. Also, don’t make extra… the avocado doesn’t save well. Don’t ask me how I know.


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