New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Spend 2 hours a week doing something with Boyfriend (that’s not cooking, cleaning, or grocery shopping) – I have seriously neglected our relationship after starting grad school, because I didn’t know how to manage my time. After a semester of learning from my mistakes, I want to make sure I spend at least 2 hours doing something just me and him: watching a movie, playing video games, etc. This is also a “growing” goal; so after 4 months, we will step up to 3 hours a week, and then 4 months after that, 4 hours a week.
  2. Learn how to bake 5 new types of bread – Bread baking is my new “thing.” It’s relaxing, and I really enjoy doing it. I want to learn how to make five new types of bread as easily as I can make the two types I know now (Italian bread and a rosemary loaf)
  3. Read 5 chapters of a book every week – Grad school has taught me that I really need to take time for myself. I love reading and I miss it. I mean, I do plenty of academic reading, but I’d really like to start reading books just for myself again, the way I used to.
  4. Shave legs once a week – Because I am notorious for letting my hygiene slip. I don’t wash my face as often as I should, or brush my teeth, or even shower. So I am picking this one thing to make sure I do, once a week. Plus, I like the way freshly-shaven legs feel!

Other goals include attempting to maintain my preferred hygiene routine (showering every other day, washing my face two times a day, brushing my teeth two times a day, etc.), maintaining a cleaning schedule, and starting the 30-day shred. These aren’t “smart” goals, but they are things I normally resolve to do. I’ve gotten better, but they aren’t completely habitual yet, so they stay on the list.


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