Another more or less unproductive weekend…

I really need to get better with my time management skills. I don’t know what happened to me, but I have started to fall prey to the “Oh, I can do it later…” mentality. Instead, I check Facebook or my e-mail or surf Amazon, I plan out how I need to spend my time (but never actually follow the plan), I take naps or do other, not-as-important things, like clean. Although, I really do need to clean the apartment and do some grocery shopping. The bathroom is getting kinda gross, and in the division of household chores, the bathroom is all mine to take care of. But honestly, that could have been done, too, if I had done my reading according to plan. Instead, I will now have to cram a lot into tomorrow to get back on schedule. I really don’t like that I do this to myself. The few days of screwing around doing nothing just aren’t worth it.

In addition to this, I really do need to do something about my health. I don’t mean my weight or how I look — that is all just fine. I mean how I feel. I don’t eat right, bottom line, I consume more caffeine from Dr Pepper than I ought, I don’t exercise, and I feel like crap for it. Also, I don’t properly keep up with my hygiene. I mean, I shower regularly and brush my teeth, but as far as those “extra” things, like washing my face every morning and evening, or putting on lotion to fight the chronic winter itch, or putting product in my hair to keep the length healthy… I just don’t do it. Instead, I screw around online.

The Internet really is my biggest distraction. It’s what I go to for escape. A lot of it is that my friends are here. I don’t have friends where I live, because I just moved here for my doc program, and by virtue of being here for a doc program, I don’t exactly have time to go and find friends. There are people in my cohort, but we don’t really connect beyond that work colleague level. At least, they don’t connect with me that way; I can’t speak of their relationships with each other.

I just have to prioritize. On the bright side, I did manage to “clock in” my two hours with my boyfriend. I didn’t do any fun reading this weekend (except for the whole Facebook crap). I didn’t bake any bread, either. Ugh. PRIORITIES. I need to find them.

Maybe I will do better this week. We’ll see.


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