Time management and sleep

I really need to figure out what is wrong with me regarding my sleeping schedule. There is no reason for someone who sleeps as much as I do to feel as tired as I do. I am so annoyed, because I have so much to do, but I can’t keep my eyes open. My light therapy lamp will be here tomorrow (!!); hopefully it will alleviate some of this.

Because of my recurring urge to nap (an my horrible, no good, very bad week last week) I have not been very productive. I did not do much today either. Actually I didn’t do anything. I am kinda mad at myself for it, but I just have to let it go and wake up in the morning and do better. And drink a strong cup of coffee. And stop being distracted by Facebook. I have a program that will block websites from my computer, but I can still access them on my iPhone and iPad. I wish there was an app that would block me out on those devices!

My boyfriend made me feel kind of shitty because I didn’t spend time with him last week (I guess watching football together doesn’t count?). He didn’t seem to care that it was a really shitty week for me. I guess he doesn’t believe in mitigating circumstances. My feelings were pretty hurt at his lack of understanding. I mean, I know I said I would resolve to do it, but sometimes things get in the way. He has a way of pointing out my failures that makes me uncomfortable and kinda sad. I know he appreciates the good things I do, but he never really praises me for them. It is always “You didn’t put your dishes in the dishwasher,” and never “Hey, thanks for cleaning the bathroom today.” I suppose I should communicate that to him, though, huh? Can’t do better if he doesn’t know how he makes me feel.

And stuff like that is what this blog is for. Working through my feelings so I can take sensible action.


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