Where have you gone?

It’s a general policy of mine to never apologize for not blogging, one I’ve had for the about eight years or so I’ve been blogging on the Internets. But since I’ve up and disappeared for the past five months, I suppose at least an explanation is in order. The short story is, last semester was a rough semester — academically, medically, emotionally. It just wasn’t a good time, and while I enjoy this little project I am embarking on (whatever it is), I just didn’t have the resources (time, focus, spoons) to dedicate to it.

But it’s summer now. My coursework is not as crazy. I’ve done my duties this summer as a grad student (taught a six-week course). I’m in a great place physically and mentally. I’m happy, and that’s important. I think I have time to start “this” up again. We’ll see what happens.

So what’s been going on? Well, I survived last semester, for one thing. That was important. I quit working for an online magazine to free up some time for myself. I loved the project, but I honestly wasn’t in a great place (once again) to be dedicating my time to something else when I was already short-changing myself. I visited my family. I went to the beach. I got to see my best friend. I taught an upper-level undergraduate course on a topic I adore, and I did pretty well, if I may say so myself. I mention the fact it’s an upper-level course, because all the other students in my cohort taught intro-level courses, so I feel particularly awesome for being trusted to teach this course by my faculty. What else? I’m poorer than usual ’cause my stipend was reduced for the summer, but I have a roof over my head and food in my cabinets, so I can’t complain too terribly much. Everything’s coming up roses!

So the question everyone’s just dying to have an answer to: what is miss-education.org doing? Honestly, whatever I feel like. Allow me to explain. I find myself wanting to try many things: new recipes, craft projects, writing ideas, art… I am actually a pretty creative person, and I am ready to start bringing that back into my life. More or less, this blog will be a documentation of that. Recipes I’m trying, home decor things I try, crafts I attempt, so on and so forth. For example, I have a resolution to bake more bread. Unfortunately this resolution isn’t going so well (I don’t think any of them are, really…), but I am hoping (ugh) to turn this around. Which means you may or may not see pictures of a lot of freaking bread posted here, along with the associated recipes. I’m also attempting to make my own elbow patch cardigan using a number of DIY website tutorials. We’ll see how THAT goes. If it works, I’ll post a tutorial of that, too!

If I find myself getting particularly good at anything, I might try to monetize the little project on Etsy. You see, grad school has a way of hugely monopolizing your time. It is very easy to have that be the only thing you do outside of the basic human functions of eating, sleeping, and basic (exceptionally basic, I should add) hygiene. You need to have something else. I am hoping “this” — whatever it is — is mine. We’ll see how it goes.

I know a few people have me on their feed readers. Hopefully y’all will see more of me there in the near future.


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