Review: June Julep Maven “Boho Glam” Box

I was excited to receive my June Julep Maven box on Friday. I am all about the nautical theme (I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, after all!), and the colors were stunning this month. I ended up selecting the Boho Glam box containing Dianna and Lexie, a mint green and dandelion yellow, respectively. I had dupes of the other colors already, but Lexie was unique, and I looked forward to trying it.

This month’s box also included a new cosmetic item in Julep’s beauty line, their “DD Creme.” This “dynamic do-all” (get it?) creme purportedly combines the coverage found in BB creams and the complexion-correcting powers of CC creams to result in flawless color and coverage. Here’s what Julep has to say about their DD creme:

A dynamic do-all makeup that goes beyond BB crème to moisturize, prime, perfect, and protect—both instantly and over time. SPF 25 provides daily defense from the sun, two patented anti-aging ingredients decrease the appearance of pores and fine lines, hibiscus and olive extracts keep skin hydrated, lightweight, buildable coverage with an ultra-smoothing finish, comes in four shades—light, medium, medium-dark, and dark.

So without further ado, here is this month’s box:

June's nautical-themed box.
June’s nautical-themed box.

The bag, ribbon, and confetti were all matches for colors in this month’s boxes, as usual. It also came with three pieces of Dolle’s salt water taffy, a famous candymaker in Ocean City, MD. Dolle’s is an institution in the world of candy, and they make some of the best taffy around, so this was a pleasant surprise. I generally don’t like it when Julep includes candies in their boxes; I prefer it when they include a cute hair accessory (like last month’s adorable barrettes!). However, I love Dolle’s, so I won’t count it against them this time!

So, I have very, very pale skin. I often have a problem finding BB creams and foundations that match it; they tend to be too yellow. Because of this, I was skeptical about how well the DD creme was going to match my skin tone. I ordered it in light, but that really doesn’t mean much to me. Unfortunately, it was too dark for me, as you can see in the pictures below.

Julep DD creme in light
The “light” DD cream is darker than my skin tone.
Julep DD creme in "light"
Even rubbed in, you can see the difference between the creme and my skintone.

When I took the tube out of the box, at first I was impressed at the size of the tube. But with a closer look and some handling, I realized the tube seemed like it was really full of air instead of product. Bummer. I squeezed some out of the tube to get a feeling of the smell and consistency. It smells a bit like sunblock, but it isn’t offensive. It feels pretty nice, really light and creamy. When I rubbed it in on my arm, it was hydrating and left a nice dewy finish. As mentioned above, it’s a bit too dark for me. I tried it on my face, though, and didn’t have the same results. The coverage over my acne (darn you, period acne!) was non-existent, and it didn’t even help alleviate redness. Worse, when I continued rubbing it in, it started balling up and rolling off! Really disappointing. Maybe if your skin is not as dry as mine and doesn’t have complexion problems, then it would work. But doesn’t that kind of go against the idea of a “dynamic do-all” creme?

Pre-DD creme
My bare face.
Face Post-DD creme
My face after applying DD creme

So, the nail polishes. Dianna was supposed to be a mint green, according to Julep’s blog post. I can tell you now it is much darker and bluer on your nails than it is in their swatched pictures. I would classify it more as an extra light teal or a dark sea foam. Lexie is exactly as described — a warm yellow the color of dandelions and saffron. Unfortunately, the seal on my bottle of Lexie was broken, and polish had leaked out. I haven’t tried to open it because I don’t know if Julep will want me to send it back or not. I hope I can get a replacement, though, because that’s what I was really excited about!

Julep Dianna (green) and Lexie (yellow)
Julep Dianna (green) and Lexie (yellow)

I gave myself a full mani with Dianna and was sadly disappointed. The formula was thick and gloopy, and it went on streaky. It was very difficult to find that happy medium between too much polish and not enough on the brush. I know many people have expressed issues with Julep polish being a little too thick, but this is the first time in recent memory that I had that issue. The first coat went on VERY streaky. The second coat was opaque, but it didn’t lay well, and there were some bubbles.

First coat Julep Dianna
First coat of Dianna — streaky!
Second coat Julep Dianna
Second coat of Dianna… finally opaque, but thick.
Finished Julep Dianna mani.
Final picture of Dianna mani.

Overall, this box was a disappointing experience. I kind of wish I skipped this month, or went for the mystery box instead. Bummer! Better luck next month.


8 thoughts on “Review: June Julep Maven “Boho Glam” Box

  1. Have you tried Tarte’s “Fair” BB cream? It’s lighter and less yellow than their “Light” cream which seems to be a problem with a lot of them (being too yellow).

    • I haven’t tried Tarte’s. Smashbox’s “fair” works well for me, but after I’m finished with it, I won’t be buying anymore Smashbox products because of this incident. I got a sample of Clinique’s “light” BB cream, though, and it’s a lovely light peachy pink, matching my skin tone very well! I will test Tarte, though, next time I am at Sephora or ULTA!

  2. My bottle of Dianna must have been from a different batch. It went on decently well, and I could have done with one coat.

    The DD creme was indeed awful. I tested it on a spot on my hand and then half my face, and I don’t think there is enough product left to do my entire face once more.

  3. I got the DD creme and concealer and both of them were filled with air and I could hardly get anything out, especially the concealer tube. I sent a message to Julep. Not cool.

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