Facebook: Take Action Against Sex Trafficking Page!

Liz is a friend of mine. She sent me the link to this fan page and asked me to report it, which I happily did, because it is obviously against FB’s community guidelines… except FB says it isn’t! Photos of toddlers (yes! toddlers!) simulating a sex act on a woman apparently aren’t against FB’s guidelines! Disgusting. Please report the page and share the post, You can go to my Twitter to retweet a post about it. Be sure to tag it with #FBrape.

Liz Boltz Ranfeld

Earlier this evening I was doing some research on Kolkata and was searching for some information about sex work in the city. I did a quick search for Sonagachi, which is the city’s largest red light district. In fact, it’s one of the biggest red light districts in all of Asia. Sonagachi is also the focus of the 2004 documentary Born Into Brothels. You can read about the crimes against women and girls that are committed in Sonagachi in a variety of places, or you can watch the documentary.

While doing my research to grab a couple those statistics, I discovered something disturbing: Sonagachi has a Facebook community page. Nearly 3000 people have liked that page.

The page is full of images of young women–many of whom are likely under age, as so many of the sex workers in Kolkata are. From what I have learned firsthand from people…

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