10 Questions – Day 6


Here we are — the question for Day 6 from the 10Q Challenge. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Refer to the Day 1 post. You can also see the answer to Day 2Day 3Day 4, and Day 5.

Question 6: Describe one thing you’d like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

Oh wow. I don’t know. I think most importantly will be to get my debt more under control. I think when I get my yearly bonus come February, that will definitely help. I still have outstanding medical debt, regular old fashioned student loans, and then of course your ever-present credit card debt that I am working on. But I think I can get a lot of that handled over the next year. I would also like to apply for the master’s program in I/O Psychology at UNCC, but I haven’t decided to really do that yet.

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